GMCS Agro-Services is aimed at promoting the agricultural sector thereby boosting the sectors economy and as well, providing healthy foodstuffs for the people.

We are fired up at helping startup farmers establish their own dream farms be it Crop production, Livestock and their respective by-products and as well, we provide consultancy services to already established farms on how well to maintain their productions, increase profitability and producing healthy produces for the populace in any part of the country.


With our Farmlands in Osun State (plantation) and Abeokuta Ogun state (Poultry Farm), we aim at expanding our reach by bringing fresh farm produces to peoples door steps as well as helping starters get geared up for their agricultural journey

Our services includes:

  • Supply of DOC, DOP, POC, POL, Bx and Tx at any age of life, Vaccines, Medications, Feeds, feeding and drinking materials, brooding equipment, Shavings,Fertilizers, Fingerlings, planting materials etc all from reputable companies.
  • Farm designs and Layouts, Bio security measures, mechanized equipment for planting etc.
  • Our HR team also helps in recruiting for farms that are just starting, Accounting team takes care of auditing and financial records while our farmers are up to task in keeping farm records.

This and many other services are up for grabs with our esteemed and intending customers.
At GMCS Agro-Services, starring and sustaining your Agric-business dreams is our concern
For more info Contact us at
☎️ 0909-294-9573 or 0812-900-2104

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